The Front Porch Photo Gallery

This will be a "page in progress". I'll be going through my pictures and scanning ones that pertain to the biz and people I have met or worked with. Some of these photos will end up on the main music page along with sound clips of the various bands. (I'll warn you now..I take terrible pics. If you don't believe here to see where it started!)

County Mounty (1985)

The County Mounty Band (1985)

Cross Country (Later 1980)

Studio session (1992)

In the studio (1992)

Split Image Band, Plentywood Mt. (1989)

Split Image, Plentywood, MT (1989)

Green Bay, Wis. 1984

With Spider of Back Adit , Green Bay,Wis (1984)

With Jethro Burns and Steve Goodman (Winnepeg, 1983)

With Jethro Burns and Steve Goodman, Winnepeg Folk Festival (1983)

With Mac McAnally, Fan Fair, Nashville Tn (1992)

Minnesota State Fair 1994

With The McCarter's, Minnesota State Fair (1994)

RCA Studio B, Nashville (1992)

At the piano used by Elvis to play gospel music and used by Floyd Cramer to record "Last Dance", RCA Studio B, Nashville, TN (Fan Fair week, 1992)

St Paul Winter Carnival Parade (1989)

St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade (1989)

Cross Country (1980)

Cross Country (1980)

The Midnight Special (1993)

The Midnight Special (1993)

Special Bonus!!

Not a pic of me or a band..but I thought a pic of Ma and former pro-wrestler and now Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura would be amusing! From the Minnesota State Fair, 1995. Click here to see it!

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